Plan de travail 8screenHD
Plan de travail 8screenHD

Rubicon : a conspiracy of silence

Rubicon: a Conspiracy of Silence, is a game inspired by whistleblowers. In this narrative game, you play as Paula Cole, a food safety officer for a multinational corporation, who gradually takes on the role of whistleblower. Depending on your choices, you will be confronted with different situations inspired by real facts, the whole scenario being based on a journalistic work, coordinated with the online newspaper Mediapart.

As a player, you’ll discuss with multiple protagonists to investigate and find out your truth. From the first discoveries to the revelations to the press, you will make choices that will have an impact on what happens next.


Dive into a complex scenario inspired by whistleblowers stories
Investigate and discuss to find the truth
The story unfolds according to your choices


Midnight Mood/Mediapart/La Belle





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