Plan de travail 8screenHD
Plan de travail 8screenHD

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature

Featuring stunning art direction, reminiscent of watercolour paintings, "The Wanderer : Frankenstein's creature" tasks players with writing their own version of Mary Shelley’s gothic classic by taking them on an enlightening trip, where they discover the world and its ways through the innocent eyes of the legendary Creature.


Depending on the player's actions, the creature evolves differently, which impacts not only on the story, but also on the gameplay. The emotional state of the creature is at the center of the game experience: facing a testing situation, its state may vary from anger to madness, through sadness. These emotional states dynamically vary the course of the game, transforming the visuals, sounds and gameplay.


The story and the environments evolving according to the emotions
A personalized experience by the player's choices
A wide variety of scenes
Easy to handle
No Game Over


Narrative, Adventure game


PC / Mac / Mobile devices/Switch

Release date




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Learn how Mary Shelley imagined her masterpiece.