Plan de travail 8screenHD
Plan de travail 8screenHD


Welcome to "Eugenics", a satirical game about genetic manipulations! In this society builder, you play the sorcerer's apprentice of genetics, in UT-OP-I4 colony. Decipher the genome and create your brave new world, for better or for worse… "Eugenics" works like Mastermind board game : first, you'll have to identify every gene and its effect. Then, you'll be able to modify and edit the genome. As a demiurge, you will however have to render account to the company that employs you. But you can decide if you want to make the world better place, make money, or even if you just want to follow the latest fashion ! Easy to learn but difficult to master...The game is highly replayable, and some endings have the same dark humor as Dr. Strangelove.


The future. Humanity is still seeking balance. Some brave citizens belonging to this future world agree to devote their lives to this aim. Secluded in the colony of UT-OP-I4, they and their offspring will try and live independently and in harmony. Yet, they ignore that their every move will be scrutinized and analyzed.... And that, after every birth, the genome of their descendants will be modified to create the perfect individual. For a perfect society. In a perfect world. You are the demiurge of UT-OP-I4, a servant of humanity. Decipher the secrets of our genetics and show us the way.


A game dealing with an important social issue.
Two gameplays in one : discovery and manipulation of the genome.
Great freedom to the player, without moral compass.
Emerging narratives.
All the characters in the colony have a life of their own.
A dystopian and hypercute art direction !
Dark humor.
A game easy to learn, but difficult to master.
Many endings, depending on the choices of the player.
High replay value.


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PC / Mac

A satirical game about genetic engineering