Plan de travail 8screenHD
Plan de travail 8screenHD


La Belle is a new label destined to promote videogames with content. Beware : we’re not making “serious games” ! Our first creation is dealing with artificial reproduction of mankind and it’s called “Eugenics“. The first playable was presented in Birmingham and London EGX festival and at Play Paris Powered by Pax.


La Belle was founded by three people, eager to push the videogame medium forward.

Thibaut de Corday. A documentary films and video games producer dealing with social issues – and a TV and games writer. His latest production is the bimedia project about science fiction iconic author Philip K. Dick consisting of The Worlds of Philip. K. Dick documentary and the video game entitled Californium.

Cédric Bache. After more than 15 years, as a head of business developpment at Neko Entertainement, Cedric is a veteran of the indie scene. He’s involved in the french and european indie scene, but he and his team aslo helps young teams to finalize their games.

Laurent Checola. After a first career, employed at Le Monde, he became “indie journalist” working on webdocumentaries and game projects. Let’s Play ! is a five episode serie about the European videogame indie scene, published by Devolver on Steam.


We make games but also organize events related to games with content. Our first event is called “Mediajam” : 8 journalists and confirmed game developers created unique gameplays during the french presidential campain.